Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hi kiddos!
It's Ms. Olson here. I haven't left yet, but I've added some neat features to our blog. If you look to the right you should now see information on the current weather and time in Niger. I've got a challenge for you. I know Mr. Silva's been teaching you how to collect and chart data - do you think you could chart the daily temperature for me? How would you do that? That's challenge number one. Challenge number two is a bit more complicated. Do you see how far ahead I am in time of you? Did I get older flying around the globe? Why is it later in Niger than it is in New Mexico? (Here's a hint: Ask Mr. Richardson about the Earth's rotation.)


Happy Learning!


Ms. Chavez said...

Is this how you respond?

Geek Princess said...

Yes, yes, it is :) Huzzah!!!

Mrs. Woodland said...

This will be a great learning experience for everyone!

Geek Princess said...

Yay! Welcome Mrs. Woodland!

allie said...

hi ms.Olson! I'm so entirely happy you are going to go help a country in need I'll try to do the assignment but anyway thanks for helping the world (even if only a small part)!
-with care miss cheesy!

noah said...

I just remembered another comment. I have some friends from the congo and they are also refugees. I am also happy and think it is cool that you are going to niger

Have fun

noah said...

Please respond to my comment someone


Geek Princess said...

:) Thanks guys! I'm glad you've found the comment section!

noah said...

Ms. Olson

when are you leaving I forgot.

have fun

Geek Princess said...

Noah, I leave on the 8th of January :)

noah said...

thank you i will try to remember that thanks

lodestar said...

congratulations on your assignment and your coming adventure.


I worked with UNICEF in Central America during the 1980s...

Compass Rose blog:

Phoenix said...

It is with gratitude for your magnanimous commitment to the rule of law and good governance as well as to the sustainability of Mother Earth and the well-being of all its children - also in Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Republic of Niger in particular here - that i turn to you.The ways in which 'Peace Corps' helps the needies, protects the environment, the fauna and flora, while promoting solidarity and harmonious development through the advocacy of rational and humane attitude/relationships with nature and natural resources, are truly an example to emulate.

Dear Ms. Olson,
It is absolutely clear now, that the greatest threat to mankind and Earth itself comes from overpopulation, which is growing at an exponential rate - as underlined in a recent UN Study: Slower Population Growth To Help Environment, UN Study concluded (18 November 2009):

The efforts to preserve the crucial balance between the needs of Human societies and the imperatives of the environment in your country and in certain parts of Africa and the rest of our world are certainly commendable, but still more should be done. The current situation requires that and quite urgently.
Furthermore, the taboo hanging above the topic of human reproduction must be lifted in all countries.
We have to fully understand the crucial role played by overpopulation in the current, deplorable state of Earth global affairs and acknowledge that we, Humans, and the ways we go about life put too much stress on Earth - specially with the knowledge, that the petroleum age is reaching its logical end, as studies show here: (ASPO = Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas; in German language)

Do please endorse us, Milady, and most importantly, do strongly advocate a rational, democratic and scientific birth control, at home, in Niger and elsewhere abroad; add your influential voice to ours, help us promote a humane and just solution to this tragedy!

Our major petition calling for such a world wide birth control is to be found at our campaign site, here :

With gratitude for the Honour of your Service and sincere Respect,

The Netherlands.